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What you should know about leisure and rest in Fuerteventura.

We all know that rest is essential to recover from a day’s work and thus be able to start a new day in optimal conditions and with our maximum capabilities, and precisely in Fuerteventura you will not only find the ideal place for teleworking, but also for different leisure activities and to have an amazing rest period.

Different studies agree that rest is essential to eliminate stress factors, improve creativity and concentration, in fact, a worker who does not get enough rest can lose motivation towards his work and as a consequence, his productivity or performance will decrease.

But, what does Fuerteventura offer for workers who want to rest or get out of the routine? Let’s see it below.


If what you want is to try something different from the tranquility of your room, one of the things that we will recommend is to visit a beach, and in Fuerteventura you have all kinds of options, take a bath in incredible turquoise waters and resting on the shore of the beach with the sound of the waves of the sea will be revitalizing for your body and mind.


If you are looking for a different adventure in Fuerteventura, there are many water sports schools, so look for one and jump into the water, contact with nature and physical effort will help you renew your energy and leave all your stress on the seashore.

Places to socialize

Once night falls, different digital nomads take the opportunity to socialize and share with other workers, so it is the ideal time to meet and chat while enjoying some drinks or a dinner with first-class products and unique flavors. All this will help you get away physically and mentally from any problem that causes you stress and thus recover energy for a new day.

Walk through nature

There is a big difference between taking a walk in an urban environment to doing it in nature, the Japanese call this a «forest bath» and it consists of making a visit to the forest connecting all your senses with nature, although this seems incredible It can help you lower your stress levels, improve your creativity and mood.

Yoga and mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness classes will help you with exercises of relaxation and meditation to control stress, anxiety, improve your concentration and even help you sleep better; Much better if you do it on the shore of the beach so that you take advantage of the contact with nature and you can end with a wonderful sunset.

Yoga class in Shambhala Fuerteventura (CoNomad)

On many occasions our effort to be more productive at work can be a double-edged sword and even endanger our health, since we put rest and other activities in the background; and it is just at that moment that Fuerteventura takes the prize as a excellent destination to recover physically and mentally from these factors that can affect your health.

Remember that properly taking periods of rest and distraction will bring you physical and mental benefits that will help you improve your performanceand, above all, avoid illnesses caused by work overload. These rest periods may seem small, but they will have a big effect on your health and productivity.